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   Anita Harper, Founder and CEO of New Beginning Kidney Foundation

Kidney disease is a journey that many people have encountered. I, Founder and CEO of N.B.K.F.  have history in the area of kidney failure. After receiving medical help at Piedmont hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. I was able to reign in kidney failure to restoring my life to it's normal activities. From the Hospital, to Dialysis, to finally receiving a new kidney, I'm now able to stand as a success story and help encourage those going through this well notated disease.



Note from Mrs. Harper


I am a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Having been caregiver professionally and personally and after surviving 7 years of dialysis and 10 years of being a transplanted kidney recipient, life has a new meaning and I have a new beginning! Join me in helping the kidney community.


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Anita Harper

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Results that are driven from knowledge 

Knowledge is power! NBKF is your hub for all things related to kidney health and news. From time to time we have the opportunity to highlight those that have become more than the average kidney patient and broken the glass ceiling through use of knowledge supplied here at NBKF. Below you will find some of the most impressive and amazing stories available. 

A note from Dawn,  
As most everyone knows now, I made an undirected kidney donation on January 27, 2011 ( meaning I let them select the recipient). I went for post- op appointment today and by sheer coincidence, met my recipient in the waiting room! This is Anita... She is thrilled to be my lucky match. Anita was on dialysis 5 days a week for 7 years. Now she is off dialysis completely and says she feels 10 years younger! Hooray for modern medicine! We are both doing great!           
 Picture taken 3 months after transplant

Dawn Kanarish

March 2011

But the story does not end there...
Dawn continues to bless individuals on Facebook with her story of life and unselfish deeds in love of pure human nature to see others thrive. Thanks Dawn as you continue to bless others day by day.

January 2018